Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


PAWDEP is a leader in providing microfinance solutions to groups in all business sectors. We seek to financially empower our members to run viable, competitive, and rewarding enterprises that can compete locally and internationally.

How to Join PAWDEP

Fill the Apply Now fields and a branch officer will Contact you will contact you for registration as a PAWDEP member. All queries can be answered concerning our products.

How to Apply for a loan

Fill the Apply Now fields after which, a capable branch officer will contact you and provide a step by step loan booking, loan application and loan disbursement.

What are PAWDEP's products

PAWDEP has a variety of products including Pamabazuka, Haraka, Log Book, School Fees, Jaza, Diamond and so much more.
Visit our loan products page to get an in depth description of our products.
Also leave a query at the Leave a Message point and a branch officer will contact you with clarifications

How to Receive or Repay Loans

PAWDEP provides various means of receiving the disbursed loans or repaying.
Disbursement of loans is done through Mpesa, Bank deposit, EFT, RTGS
One can repay through Mpesa Paybill No 400222 Account No :541364#IDNo Or Bank Deposit Or Cheque (post dated are also allowed)