Esther Ngonyo Njuguna


Esther journey to her current status started at a very humble point. Initially, she could not consolidate even five thousand Kenya shillings on her own. She learnt about the PWDEP organization while she was trying to think through on what she can do to educate her children. Luckily she joined a solidarity group which was registered by PAWDEP.

After her membership, she saved for six months before accessing loan. She was able to buy a calf hoping one day she will own a dairy farm. This was a dream far much to be achieved. Through continued savings, she was able to take merry go round loans and this she was able to educate her children and improve the household basic needs.

After several months of saving while rearing the calf, she applied for PAWDEP loan. She graduated from the loans shelf due to her demonstrated commitment. She sold her heifer and topped the money with her second loan to buy a dairy cow.

This expanded her vision and she became more committed to the diary project. She was able to make sales which enabled her to purchase another cow. For her third loan, she was able to buy 2 more dairy cows and she now owns a farm with twenty dairy cows. For her, PAWDEP has been the bridge to her success.

She encourages other women with vision to join the groups which are registered at PAWDEP to achieve their dreams.