Partnerships & Collaborations


grameen foundation

Grameen Foundation uses microfinance and innovative technology to fight global poverty and bring opportunities to the world's poorest people. Grameen Foundation's goal is simple – they want to see poor people, especially the poorest and those living in harder to reach areas, have access to microfinance and technology and as a result of access to these services, move themselves out of poverty. read more


The Agriprofocus (APF) partnership was founded in March 2005 with the aim to provide coherent and demand driven support to enhance the capacity of producer organisations in developing farmer entrepreneurship within the context of poverty reduction. 


The purpose of AMT is to promote transparency within the African microfinance sector and to further strengthen performance of African MFIs in order to improve the efficiency of their actions and activities in terms of poverty alleviation. read more


Unitus, an international nonprofit organization, fights global poverty by accelerating the growth of microfinance - small loans and other financial tools for self-empowerment - where it is needed most. read more


Oikocredit is a private global development financing institution operating in 31 focus countries. The organisation was incorporated on 4th November, 1975 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The mandate of the organisation is to promote development process and economic growth together with social justice and self-reliance in poor areas of the world.


PAWDEP is a council member of The Microcredit Summit Campaign. This brings together microcredit practitioners, advocates, educational institutions, donor agencies, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and others involved with microcredit to promote best practices in the field, to stimulate the interchanging of knowledge, and to work towards reaching our goals.


ADA (Appui au développement autonome) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Luxembourg specialising in microfinance, a poverty-reducting tool that is particularly widespread in developing countries. ADA provides direct technical and/or financial support to microfinance institutions (MFIs) located in Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to help poor households work their way out of poverty.



MFTransparency was established to promote the welfare of poor micro-entrepreneurs, and to promote the integrity of microfinance as a poverty alleviation practice. read more


PAWDEP is a member of AMFI (Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kenya). AMFI is a member Institution that was registered in 1999 under the societies Act by the leading Microfinance Institutions in Kenya to build capacity of the microfinance industry in Kenya. AMFI presently has 36 member institutions serving more than 2,000,000 poor and middle class families with financial services through out the country.